Understanding Strings in JS

September 17, 2020·3 min read
I am fascinated by how data types are programmatically created. There is great elegance to the more microscopic architecture of computer logic. I have come to appreciate that continually working towards a more solid understanding of the fundamentals helps with safer programming. It also enhances my ability to code efficiently. Therefore, for this article, I will discuss a little about JavaScript’s strings.

Introduction to Gridsome

April 8, 2019·1 min read
Gridsome is a Vue.js-powered, modern site generator for building the fastest possible websites for any Headless CMS, APIs or Markdown-files. Gridsome makes it easy and fun for developers to create fast, beautiful websites without needing to become a performance expert.

How to Get Better At Coding

April 5, 2019·2 min read
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